They form your perceptions

Accommodating behaviour

It is like they become prisonersTo adapt to new

And, you can expand this capability to other areas and possibilities. Learning means opening yourself up to a wide array of information to include information that is not pleasant. In a work place situation, when your position is not made clear, the correct picture can be presented systematically. People in client servicing will know it is better for business to appear accommodative. To adapt a new behavior, a conscious-you must necessarily train your brain to sustain an optimal state of mind in the most taxing circumstances.

Here the art of putting across your viewpoint without hurting the feelings of others is taught. For every neuron, new connecting pathways and synaptic terminals must also be added to the neural network. But when they come into contact with people who are directive they feel the outcome of the conflict is not totally acceptable to them. This depends on whether it gets past the protective filters of your brain.

To adapt to new learning, more specifically, your brain engages in processes that grow new neurons and recruit them into the existing connecting circuitry. It is like they become prisoners of their personality trait.

When what you want is backed by action. It depends on how open your brain is to adapting new ideas and behavioral changes. Constant immersion in new thinking and beliefs, i. Successful people know how to feel their fears and to use them as springboards for energizing their momentum toward their dreams and aspirations.

You can control your sense of safety in a given situation. Several factors can make or break the deal in terms of setting the stage for your brain to adapt to learning new ideas or behaviors. The natural orientation of your brain makes you hungry to learn throughout life.