Jack told Diane he felt nothing

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Debbie rushes to Zak, soaking wet and crying as he reassures her Cameron is where he belongs - in hell, ending The Woolpack siege and Cameron's life. They share a bond due to the fact that they are both parental failures and begin dating.

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Back at the pub, she insists she only covered for him for Aaron's sake and warns him to make sure Rebecca doesn't say anything. Angry, Ashley calls her a bitch and pushes her very hard so that she falls down. She said Jack had waited a long time to be a father so if he had to choose between his son and Phyllis, he would choose his son.

Earlier Tucker told

After Robert tells her he wants to prove his commitment to Aaron and Liv before Aaron goes to prison, Chas, with the help of the Dingles and Sugdens, organises a surprise wedding in the Woolpack. Earlier, Tucker told Victor that he would be forced to take care of Diane, since Victor couldn't do it the first time. Aaron breaks down and warns Robert if the case falls apart, he will blame it on him. They kind of go there with her in their minds.

Diane said it would be a crying shame if one day some of her past indiscretions came out and Summer had to hear about them. Carl is later found dead and Chas believes she killed him.