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Adjectives to describe yourself on a dating site

Then explain that you're working on making your feedback more constructive. Keep track of how many points each photo receives in the rankings. You want to send the message that you're sharp and competent, yet easy-going and approachable. Go with the ones that got the lowest number of points overall, and the photo that scored the lowest number takes primary spot honors.

You may even want to

You may even want to consider having some professional photos taken. Most pros will have a package that includes a few outfit changes as well. Pick which one of these adjectives describes you.

Most pros will have

Come up with a few words that you think describe your negative traits. But the good news is weeding out the bad ones is easy.

To snag her attention, your photos need to stand out. Include a picture of you in your element, preferably looking off camera and laughing. Explain that you're working on speaking up more and overcome your fear of offending others. You might even wonder why employers even ask such a weird question.

We scheduled dates with them, but only one showed up. Get interesting photos that show you with a pet, outdoors, or showing off abs if you have them. Maybe there have been times when you wished you'd been more assertive. The best way to know what appeals to a woman is to ask one.

Put a rose in your mouth, Bachelor-style. But you may feel that you can be a bit too honest at times.