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While it is true that the latter, in addition to notable writer, was primarily responsible for the political independence of the country, the first two were its spiritual independence. These new perspectives illuminate new areas of scholarly concern, such as ethnicity and the meaning of citizenship in a new social and political environment. He stayed in London for nineteen years acting as a secretary to legations and diplomatic affairs for Chile and Colombia.

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He later became known for his early writings and translations, edited the newspaper Gazeta de Caracas and held important offices in the government of the Captaincy General of Venezuela. Constitute the original part of their production pieces such as the field and the banned. Hermosilla and Sicily, representing the neoclassical approach wanting all trance to see in Castilian verse succession of long and short syllables i. Another of his brilliant pieces, worthy of a careful re-reading, is his keynote speech at the University of Chile.

In addition, contributed to Latin American letters, nourished readings of the classic Latin poems, an indigenous consciousness. His role in these areas is analyzed in forty essays.

Encyclopedia of World Biography. However, it is impossible to subtract merits to the work of this distinguished humanist. The biographical information about Bello is placed in the larger context of social, economic, and political developments during the late colonial period. Another remarkable facet of training that Bello was given to itself in these years is related to international law.

Parts of this work appeared from in the magazine El Araucano, consists that Bello was in possession of his basic ideas on philosophy since that time. He was recruited by the government of Chile in to join its fledgling nation-state in an administrative capacity, first in the ministry of finance and then in the ministry of foreign relations. In the first silva, the author invites poetry to leave Europe for the prodigious world discovered by Christopher Columbus, and the poet praises the great beauties of American nature. At the same time he was involved in the revolutionary movement which was sweeping the country. He worked on this Code for twenty years, and it was later adopted by both Colombia and Ecuador.

The diplomatic mission failed in these objectives, and Venezuela as a whole soon collapsed before a royalist assault. But metric, which is the work of a scholar and a poet, still full now.

Beautiful combined its scientific and critical research in these years of economic hardships, with literary activities. From his theories and ideas, Bello was eventually hailed as one of the foremost humanists of his time. Accomplished this task, the project was submitted for approval to the National Congress. On his deathbed in agony, on in fever, Bello musitaba incomprehensible words.