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She experiences severe pain whenever her magic is activated, and she claims that even if she were to die her body would continue to produce magic uncontrollably. Eucliwood's blood type is A. Judging by what Kyoko had said to her when she was on her parole, it is highly possible that Sera has masked her feelings for Ayumu. It is unknown what amount of damage she could deal if she fought without them on.

This also suggests that by dismembering him and putting the parts far away from each other, he can be incapacitated for good. He also provides her with comfort when she thinks about her many insecurities and she is shown to take these feelings to heart. Periodically, he has fantasized about what she says in many diverse situations. It has been shown that she has the ability to heal the wounds of others, but as a side-effect she feels pain equal to the amount of damage she healed from that person. Eu alongide the Seventh Abyss.

She can even be a tutor to him if necessary, however her explanations can be extremely long-winded and still make no sense to him. However, in the anime she is often still in the denial stage.

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This suggests a fairly good relationship with her. This is attributed to her tomboyish behavior and speech.