He drove to this nice restaurant

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Daehyun turned on the radio and he sets off. You pouted and sat beside Yongguk, leaning against his side and wrapping your arms around his side.

You were cheering for Daehyun. You saw the picture with you and Daehyun and his face was priceless. He sighed and walked over to your side.

You saw the picture

You applied all your makeup and did your hair in loose curls. Your hands started to become sweaty but you put on a smile as Yongguk knocked on the door.

You were cheering for

You stand in no position to be so criticizing. You notice that you were at amusement park. And when Daehyun pulled away he smiled and said. Daehyun started to sing and his soothing voice was lingering into your ears. The random girls took you too a random room and did your hair and makeup.