Impossible and The Rockford Files

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Leach returned to assist the team in the fourth-season finale, where he finally referred to Parker as his daughter and gave Parker's and Hardison's relationship his blessing. After a series of extremely intricate confidence tricks, the secret project is revealed and carried off, despite the recurrent Sterling.

Sophie and Nate have on occasion tried to further the relationship, but for various reasons, one or the other resisted until they wound up in bed together in the third-season finale. Happily, there are far more hits than misses. Despite being a skilled marksman, Elliot has an intense dislike for firearms, and uses them only when no other options are available to him. In the series finale, Nate retires and leaves the team in her hands as the new Mastermind.

Each con, either as originally planned or as complications develop, typically requires the specialized skills of all the members of the group. Multi-lingual and particularly adept at the use of accents, Sophie is seen to portray many characters in various cons, usually making direct contact with marks to draw them into the con. Tom Skerritt as Jimmy Ford, Nate's father, an Irish-American numbers-runner and grifter, and a legendary figure in the Boston crime circles.

Executive producer Dean Devlin announced

He inadvertently involved the team in a job when Parker came to his aid. Despite being arrested twice after going up against Leverage Consulting, he is reluctantly hired to assist the team in the fourth-season finale.

Executive producer Dean Devlin announced the fifth season would not only be shot in Portland, but set there, as well. He returned at the end of the fourth season and manages to mend his relationship with his son before being killed by Latimer and Dubenich.

Leon Rippy as Jack Latimer, a multibillion-dollar professional investor who has been tracking the team since their first job. Eliot was once a hitman for crime financier Damien Moreau, and he is well known as an almost legendary hired gun, assassin and bodyguard before he switched careers and went into business as a thief. If the team fails, she promises to have Nate imprisoned and the rest of the team killed.

She returns to help the team in the fourth-season finale and by then has developed a close friendship with Sophie, to Nate's surprise and unease. Credited with major arrests following four of the team's cons, they have risen through the ranks of the bureau rapidly. Extensive use of Steadicam helped the audience participate in the scene.