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Payment details will be sent to authors in the final editorial stage of articles accepted for publication. Tables Each table must be sent in a separate file. Courier New, Symbol and Wingdings.

All subsequent correspondence should be sent to the Managing Editor at ea biotaneotropica. Each table must have its own title on the top. Bibliographic References Items Results and Discussion may be joined. Inventories Inventories are submitted spontaneously by their authors through the Journal Submission System. Main document A single file called Principal.

In the case of identification keys, the key must be sent separately so that it can be adequately formatted. Figures that in reality are a composition of various others must be sent, each part, as a separate file indicated by letters. Biota Neotropica does not publish papers that include description of new species of taxonomic groups which Nomenclatural Code requires printed copies.

In the case of referencing collected material it is mandatory to include the geographic coordinate in degrees, minutes, and seconds p. Manuscripts can contain electronic links that the author judges appropriate.

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Do not use footnotes, include the information directly on the text as this makes reading easier and reduces the number of electronic links of the manuscript. Pollen and anther culture. In any subsequent use of parts of the text, figures and tables, Biota Neotropica must be cited as the source. The images must be sent using the best resolution possible. Do not add spaces to change the line if a unit does not fit in the line.

We strongly encourage coauthors to do the same. If your taxonomic group does require printed copies of your publication you should look for another journal to submit your paper.

Authors must open the files that were prepared for submission and see whether they are in the correct format. Papers that only report the occurrence of species in a region where their presence would be expected, but have yet to be recorded, are not published by Biota Neotropica. Editorials should contain a maximum of words. Upon submitting a manuscript to Biota Neotropica, the author s transfer s copyright to the journal. Bold face, italics, underlines, subscripts and superscripts can be used when pertinent, but excessive use of these resources should be avoided.

Index file Together with the files that hold the article, an index file named index. Each legend must be contained in a paragraph and must be clearly identified in the beginning of the paragraph as Figure N, where N is the number of the figure. These are the only accepted formats. When referring to numbers or units, write numbers up to nine, unless when followed by a unit of measure. In the case of endangered species only degrees and minutes should be made available.

Once articles are accepted, they will be published in the issue in progress. Avoid abbreviations, except in the case of units. It is up to the Editor-in-Chief, in common agreement with the Editorial Board, to definitively accept the paper.

If your taxonomic group does