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Brittany kerr and jason aldean dating

However Aldean's probably not theGiven her perfect physique with killer

Given her perfect physique with killer looks, she already has the photogenic charm as per her attitude. However, Aldean's probably not the best person to insult a rapper's choice in baby names after the whole blackface controversy.

The account is loaded with photos of her with Aldean along with vacation pics with his daughters from his previous marriage. Its time to move on people. Soon, it became crystal clear that their infamous drunken night was potentially more than just a one-time thing. His dad, Barry Williams, was his best man. But Aldean wasn't having it this time and fired back with an Instagram post of his own.

They exchanged rings beneath a canopy of manzanita branches dotted with white orchids and ranunculus. It was not a good luck for the country singer especially considering his questionable relationship with the Confederate flag. It was a new baby brother.

In fairness, Kerr was admittedly drunk and might not have even noticed the ring. Aldean told Billboard that Kerr is the one who painted his face, and it's rarely mentioned that she's wearing cornrows while standing right next to him in the controversial photo.