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Call of duty 4 unable to connect to activision matchmaking

Everything back to normal. Also work with said network manager to try and solve the problem.

The problem is however on Steam's end. Whereas if you contact Activision, they direct you to Steam Support.

No problems after a whole year. Either way you go when you reset give the wireless system about seconds to reboot itself and try it again. The problem is however on Infinity Ward's end. The matchmaking has been fixed. After that just go into a public playlist and you should find a game.

Routers and cable modems need to be reset from time to time. Also, having a wired connection might help.

Activision are aware of the problem, but as of yet have done nothing to fix it. Many people have reported this problem, and it is obvious it needs to be fixed. You can look that up instructions on google. Other than the above, there's not really a lot you can do.

You can try contacting Steam Support or Activision, though people haven't had much luck with either yet. Most notably the matchmaking is broken, and doesn't work like it used to. Matchmaking performance seems to have increased greatly.

It can be confusing, but there are many guides out there to help. Almost everyone can find a match in Team Deathmatch or Domination.

No problems after a wholeEither way you