Chen wei ting zhao li ying dating

Chen wei ting zhao li ying dating

However, I would point out that, as busy as these two are and if they really just came out of a relationship, I strongly doubt any of the two have the heart to date so soon. People were hating on William Chan for this relationship because he was obviously the less known one. Finally, there are a few insider information that media are taking as hints of William Chan and Zhao Liying are an item. However, since the Ancient Sword drama last summer and The Four right now, he is getting quiet popular on his own. Since Chen Xiao took a direct glance at the camera twice, skeptics feel the whole visit was staged to capture media headlines.

She is currently shooting a modern-day drama with Hawick Lau titled Secrets of the Wife. Those who choose to not to believe they are dating will see these photos as another dirty publicity stunt.

However, I am with my girl on this one. There is nothing wrong with taking your time to shot an important scene if it helps the drama to have better effects.

However, in the past few days, there are a lot of rumors that the two have broken up. Those who choose to believe Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying are in fact dating will see these photos as evidence to prove their presupposition. The shooting location of these two drastically different productions ironically happen quite close to each other - at Hengdian World Studios.

People were hating onHowever I would point