Cockatoos quentin blake online dating

Cockatoos quentin blake online dating

To extract more from the story for Early Years settings, it would be useful to role play the story with ten of your pupils playing out the role of the cockatoos. As a tool for teaching it is fantastic for introducing Early Years pupils the correct method for counting items by ensuring the pupils has to start from one cockatoo when the search commences.

The reader is given encouragement as the professor appears to not find the cockatoos whilst they can. The book is useful for Early Years as a resource in terms of basic number counting or as mentioned above. The ending of the book is brilliant as it is simple as it offers a life lesson. Resources such as items found in the kitchen to what may be found in a cellar, a room which is non-existent in many homes.

This is a sure way to keep the others interest with the hope that they will be next. The basic but yet colourful illustrations, typical of Blake's books makes it accessible to most age groups even if it is just as a picture book.

As a tool

Cockatoos portrays the story of Professor Dupont's who goes in search for his missing cockatoos. However its reading target age is more suitable for pupils in Year Two or pupils with an understood of phonics at least to the blending stage.

The repetitive and simple nature of the story allows for pupils to memorize the words after a few readings. However they the cockatoos are not missing but playing hide and seek due to their annoyance of the professor repetitive greeting every morning. Through out the book the reader is invited to join in the search and engage in counting out loud the mischievous cockatoos.

To extract more from the