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Booker This book was fantastic, unless reading about dead people grosses you out. This isn't the time for the famed Grubbs Grady brand of cutting-edge humour. He arrives to find his family dead and monsters still playing with their corpses. The perfect place to go browsing if you want to get even with your annoying traitor of a sister. Lord Loss is the first book of the Demonata series.

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He also is apparently one of the weakest demon masters, as seen in Hells Heroes. He has also been left behind when his family leave. For once, someone has been able to conquer their feelings when Lord Loss has tormented him several times. After a couple of silent minutes of this, as I lie uncertainly by my upturned chair, he turns his steely gaze on me. If this is true, the Kah-Gash, is in the hands of a Demon Master.

The person in the book that has the curse of the werewolf has two choices. Once again, Grubbs has suffered all this. Mum turns and looks at me.

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Yet here they stand, acting all Gestapo, asking me to account for my actions. Grubbs grudgingly agrees and Lord Loss is left alive as the last demon master. One day his parents tell him to go his grandmas house. In a word, this was fantastic. Erika When i started reading this book, it looked like one book i wouldn't enjoy.