He's getting the hell out of here

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Her ass sticks out teasingly in this position, and Jamal puts his hands firmly on either side of her ass over her clothes and starts groping her cheeks as they resume making out. As she traces her finger along his facial hair, she remarks that she likes it way better than when he was completely shaven, she finds it way more sexy and distinguished. Kimberly laughs and makes her way to the bathroom. They continue to kiss and grope each other as Kimberly straddles Jamal.

Kimberly lies and says she overheard the greeter at the gym call him that one time, and Jamal believes her. Jamal boasts that he can be as nasty as she wants him to be. Kimberly takes the hint and flirts back, saying that he read her mind.

Jamal boasts thatKimberly lies and

That's exactly what she wants, right now. She pulls out a sterile specimen cup, the seal not yet broken, and hides it discreetly in her hand behind her back.

Their faces are inches away, and there's a moment of electric tension before they close the gap and start kissing intensely, with tongue. Then she closes the phone and puts it back away, and opens up her bathroom drawer. Jamal realizes more and more how much Kimberly had fooled him. All that stuff she said they had in common, that was just bullshit, wasn't it, she's just like obsessed with him or some shit. Desperate, Kimberly tells him he can't go.