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Consequently, he remains self-serving his entire life. The main root problem is your inner game, once you acquire solid inner game you'll be successful with women naturally. Finally, women must learn to become responsible for all the bad romantic choices she has made. After all, no one taught him how to respect women.

You better hold yourself back for this woman and move on your life straightly. On the other hand, excessive secrecy in any individual is a red flag. After that, you want to increase your attraction to her. Some guys afraid that if they try to make a move, they'll ruin their relationship and women leave them away.

She feels you're very nice, but is not attracted to you. She becomes a more responsible and thoughtful woman. If this has happened, there's almost noting you can do to fix the situation. Playing hard to get suggests that a woman feigns disinterest in a man to whom she is attracted.

Consequently he remains selfserving his

Before the sexual attraction is exist, you're just a sexless object to her or worse you're a sister to her. Leave her if you have other things to do or the conversation goes boring. In so doing, she changes her own perspective about the value of her life. Lets say if you successfully persuade her to be with you, then two things may happen. You can bring her to some place that only have you two, or maybe in your car, hold her hand and kiss her.

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