What God has for you, is for you

Dating godly man

You thought they cheated, but in reality they were never dating you. Sometimes, it is clear as day that they dodged a bullet and God was the one protecting them from going any further in that relationship.

There is no ownership at all over them, even when you two are married. This boy downgraded with that ugly girl.

When God brings you two together, then it will flow. It also tells me dating must involve respect, patience, self-control and fearlessness. But the bible clearly shows us that God is able to bless everyone, so He would not send something He has planned for you to someone else. If someone can take them away, their heart was never fully committed to you. If you have to force it, it is not the will of God.

Seasonal people do not deserve permanent

Not only did they experience a breakup, but sometimes they were left for someone else. If they cheated, that was their choice, not your fault. And I know He will if you let Him.

The list can go on, but that list has to be stopped. They do not belong to you, they belong to Christ.

Many of you are in lustful relationships, but you stay because you believe that is the only way to receive love. You need to find your worth in Jesus and what He did on the cross, not in a relationship. Even if you pushed them away with nagging, disrespect or any other annoying behavior. Help Charisma stay strong for years to come as we report on life in the Spirit. What God has for you, is for you.

When reading this book, I wonder what self-control they actually had. Learn to let go when you know God is telling you to let go. The heartbreak always feels devastating because what we planned fell through.

Seasonal people do not deserve permanent positions in your life just because you have a few good memories. They never loved you, they loved the access you gave to your body, finances, gifts, etc. If they would cheat on you with them, they will cheat on them with someone else. Some people are genuinely harboring hatred in their hearts, but I know God wants to heal you from that.

They never loved