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Interns are required to co-facilitate two groups with senior staff members. No commuting or gas expenses. Options are based on staff expertise and availability. Additionally, interns will represent the Student Counseling Center at university functions e.

The Student Counseling Center staff will provide presentations in their area of expertise and incorporate professional readings. Supervisory assistance is an integral part of all crisis coverage. Rotations are semester-long and interns complete three rotations during the internship year.

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Seminars are generally two hours and are presented by Student Counseling Center staff. Interns will engage in at least six outreach activities, such as creating an awareness table or presenting to a class.

Interns will cover a weekly two hour walk-in crisis block. Your dream of having someone who you can call your own, someone who will love you for you, can be realized here.

Interns and staff will also present formal and informal case presentations on a rotating basis. All senior staff participates in orientation. Groups can be process-oriented, topical, and skills based. The majority of clients will be seen for brief therapy. Intern's input is elicited when choosing topics for spring.

In the spring semester, interns will also be the primary individual supervisor for a practicum student. Each semester interns will have four to five rotation options to choose from. Topics will include models of supervision, supervisory skill development, ethical issues in supervision, professional identity issues, etc. Interns have the option of maintaining some longer term clients over the course of the year. Interns will have the opportunity to work closely with other senior staff members and experience multiple supervisory styles throughout the year.

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Interns will also participate in didactic and experiential seminars on key topics, including a full day devoted to Diversity and one devoted to Ethics and Legal Issues. Interns remain with their individual supervisor for the duration of the year. Supervision will include exploration of group process, group dynamics, and co-facilitator dynamics. It's truly team work with this company join the team you won't be disappointed.

In both the fall and spring, there is an opportunity to co-facilitate the practicum group supervision with the Practicum Coordinator. Responsibilities will include monitoring clinical work, evaluation, and administrative responsibility. As the year progresses, they are encouraged to develop and lead groups in their own areas of interest.

Responsibilities will include