Hang out with different folks

Dreams about dating other guys

Maybe in a

We're almost at our two-year mark and things are going well. Your best bet is to have your sexy dreams and enjoy them.

In looking on the web, the issue of guys dreaming about other guys seems to be a hot topic. In between, there are variations where a person can be mostly straight but have occasional same sex interests. This time around is the longest we've dated without breaking up.

If it is happening

In my opinion, the best thing to do is be open and to try to experiment until you feel comfortable.

You're allowed to have fantasies, and in a long-term relationship, it's hard to avoid them. For example, not long ago, a year old man from California revealed that even though he is attracted to women, he occasionally has sexual dreams about other guys.

Maybe in a year you'll decide that you must say goodbye to your boyfriend to experience being with other people. If it is happening with any frequency, I would imagine it indicates sexual attraction to men. Hang out with different folks.